Armoured Labs™ SURF GUARD is our Premium Series Marine grade Ceramic Nano Coating designed specifically to protect and prolong the life of your Paddleboards, Inflatables, Surfboards, Skim Boards, Foil Boards, Foils, and Inflatable Wings and Sails. Equipment can be expensive, let Armoured Labs™ help give you the protection and performance you need. Armoured Labs™ SURF GUARD is a superior ultra-hydrophobic nano coating reducing drag and suction on foils allowing for faster take offs. Armoured Labs™ SURF GUARD is your performance enhancing and protection coating all in one. Features include: PROTECTION - UV & Scratch Resistance ENVIRONMENTAL - 100% Non-Toxic & Eco Friendly Formula PERFORMANCE - Ultra Hydrophobic for Fast Take Offs, Reduced Drag and Suction DURABILITY - Improves Equipment Longevity EASY APPLICATION - Apply in minutes, spray on, buff off for boards. Spray on, leave on for sails. AVG. COVERAGE - 1 bottle provides 100sqft surface coverage. (3.48 FLOZ / 100ml) SUITABLE FOR SALT & FRESH WATER LENS - also for use on sunglasses providing a scratch resistant and ultra-hydrophobic layer of protection. MADE IN USA

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