The Pickleball Holder and Storage Hip Bag was developed by two passionate pickleball players who noticed that time spent in picking up balls on the court during play often resulted in losing ‘the zone’ as well as time and energy wasted. Carrying extra pickleballs is common in tennis and other racket sports whereby savvy players will keep an extra ball or two on them to avoid these unnecessary problems. Now the same is offered to pickleball players! Another key benefit is the option to carry your personal items to and from the court and the ability to keep everything together without restricting movement during practise or game play. Works great during Covid-19 protocol restrictions where every player is required to have their own ball. Holds 5 pickleball Zipper Storage for Phone, Keys, Mask & More Adjustable Clip Buckle Strap Fits up to 44″ Waist Designed by Canadian Pilot & Athlete Unisex Design- Great for all Players Well Made from Nylon to Endure.

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